Huntsville Gaming Oasis

We are a Computer Gaming Entertainment center with a focus on Virtual Reality and Esports Gaming! We provide both a competitive and casual gaming experience using top of the line equipment for those wanting to explore PC Gaming and VR at a whole new level.

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The VR Arcade

Using both the classic headset layout where you can move around freely and safely in our managed open space along with our new Omni-Directional Treadmill and Haptic Feedback technology that allows you to be fully immersed in your VR gaming experience along with your friends or in your own Virtual World. Offering both Co-Op games as well as the classics like Beat Saber and Superhot!

PC Gaming & Esports

Our Cutting-Edge Esports and PC Gaming Arena allows you and your fellow friends and competitors to become fully integrated into our Esports ready environment, giving you access to elite equipment including custom engineered gaming machines, 144hz monitors, and specifically chosen peripherals made to give you the best experience possible when playing in the Gaming Oasis Arena. 

Upcoming Competition | TBD


We plan on hosting competitions coming soon! Stay tuned!

Online Tournament  РComing soon!

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